Office Life

One thing we (young professionals) should Do.

So you’re young and you’re a professional. Maybe you just graduated college. Maybe you’re a few years out like me. All of our lives, and especially in college and the early years of our careers we hear the cliché phrase probably every day. “It is not what you know, but who you know.” More and […]

Home office deduction? Not so fast.

So you want to work from home huh? I don’t blame you. I enjoy working from home as much as the next guy. Yes I am responsible enough to handle it. But just because you work from home, does not necessarily mean you should take a home office deduction. Why? Well, allow me to make this […]

What Makes a Great Boss?

“No No No No No No…. Take it back… Do it again.. Do not leave this office tonight until it is done and perfect!” The boss. The leader. The pain in my neck. The manager. The higher up. The figure of authority. A boss can take on many identities. A boss can be many things. […]