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The Difference

Preventing Tax Nightmares

Our ultimate goal is to keep you out of trouble while getting you the best possible results. We prevent tax nightmares with our state of the art software and diagnostics as well as decades of expertise.

Tax Experts

L&A itself has been around for 30 years. Our senior partners have been in the tax and accounting industry even longer holding high level corporate positions in auditing and accounting. This is expertise you can rely on.

Accounting for Small Business

Accounting is not tremendously difficult but it is tremendously time consuming. They say time is money, right? Outsource your accounting work to L&A for reliable financial reporting by accounting industry experts.

Not Just Numbers.

Our tax clients are not just numbers in a computer to us. Most of the people that walk through our door quickly become people we can share coffee, laughs and maybe a wee pint of beer with. The point is we sincerely care about doing right by every person that comes to us for tax prep, accounting, consulting etc. Being a family owned firm, this has been extremely important to us for the last 25 years, and will continue to be important to us for as long as we exist.

Taxes are your largest expense. Save some money on your taxes with L&A.

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Hiring the tax professionals at L&A can save you $1000s per year.

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