Tax Problems

When Tax Problems Arise.

Lavin & Associates, a New York City CPA firm, assists many clients when tax problems arise. These tax problems, including audits, liens, wage garnishment and back taxes etc can cause tremendous stress and eat up a lot of your valuable time. Whatever the tax problem may be, the experienced CPA’s at Lavin & Associates can help. Through the years, L&A has saved our clients millions of dollars in penalties and interest and consulted on all kinds of tax problems. You do have the option to address these tax problems yourself. But consider these questions. If you had a health problem and required surgery, would you attempt to operate on yourself? If your car engine died, and you did not have extensive automotive knowledge, would you attempt to replace the engine yourself? Some of these tax problems can become just as serious as the aforementioned situations. So our advice is even if you don't hire Lavin & Associates, hire a reputable tax professional. Below are some problems that may arise.

IRS Audits

Non-Filed Returns

Back Taxes

Payroll Tax Problems

IRS Levies

IRS Liens

Offer In Compromise

Installment Plans

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