Tax Planning

Have A Plan. Let L&A Help.

Lavin & Associates CPAs, a New York City, Westchester County, and Long Island firm has been assisting and consulting our individual and business clients for 20 years with tax planning. The tax law and tax code are ever evolving and at Lavin & Associates, we make it a point to stay current with same. Our tax planning abilities allow us to advise our clients with the best possible methods and strategies to reduce their overall tax liabilities. Tax planning is a good way to ensure you achieve the best possible results with your tax return.

So how does this help you?

Your assets remain yours to grow and prosper.
Your hard earned money does not become another deposit in Uncle Sam’s piggy bank.
The overall reduction of tax liability for you, your family or business on:

1. Income
2. Estates
3. Retirement Income
4. Gifts

The Key

Consult with L&A about your tax plan to have a strategy and ultimately achieve the best possible results for your tax return.

Find out how tax planning may save you money.

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