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Tax preparation has been L&A's business for over 25 Years. We serve our clients with quality tax preparation services throughout the Tristate area and we are currently expanding our operation to South Florida. We are a tax nightmare prevention team. Our team of tax wizards and accounting sorcerers ensure you stay out of trouble with Uncle Sam and various state agencies. We put to use decades of combined experience in tax preparation and up-to-date knowledge of the vast 73,954 page tax code. Worry Not. We have you covered.

4 Tax Mistakes to Avoid when Tackling Taxes

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Citizens Beware.

The DIY method has be growing more and more popular. While some people are qualified to do their own taxes, it's almost never a good idea. Why you ask? Here are a few reasons:

1. Mistakes are easy to make.

2. Missing deductions and credits your entitled to.

3. Our CPAs do not do their own taxes for fear of bias.

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What do I bring to my Accountant?

A list of common tax forms as well as pertinent information that our clients should alway bring with them when they drop off at Headquarters.

Today’s tax laws are very complicated. This is why more than 3 quarters of this countries population believes strongly in hiring an experienced tax preparer. Even the simplest of returns can create a world of problems for you, your family, and your business. L&A is a tax nightmare prevention team. Furthermore, available credits and potential deductions can be easily overlooked and omitted. E-filing is also a great means to receive your refund faster. Hire L&A. Avoid the problems.