Work Life

3 tricks to get a raise.

Who doesn’t want more money? I know I sure do. Damn right i deserve it too. That rhymed. I was not trying to write poetry or a rap song there but it happened. There comes a point in everyone’s career where it may be time for a raise. How else are you going to pay […]

Home office deduction? Not so fast.

So you want to work from home huh? I don’t blame you. I enjoy working from home as much as the next guy. Yes I am responsible enough to handle it. But just because you work from home, does not necessarily mean you should take a home office deduction. Why? Well, allow me to make this […]

Are You Proud of Being Busy with Work?

How often does the phrase “I’m so busy” or “Work is kicking my butt” come out of your mouth? Do you notice a little tingly feeling running down your spine as you muster these words? There is certainly a sense of pride associated with being busy with work. But how many of us are working all […]