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15 ways to beat procrastination.

Procrastination. It’s a killer. Why? Because putting things off can lead to a finding yourself in a hole. A hole too big to climb out of. But it’s hard not to be a culprit of putting things off. Very hard. I mean how do you convince yourself to actually conquer the task thats causing your […]

Why you should watch The Profit on CNBC.

Because I said so. That’s why. Marcus Lemonis is the star of the Profit. He is a self-made Billionaire, a CEO of Camping World, an expert of investment in People, Process, and Product and the list goes on and on. He has a very entertaining show that airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on CNBC (the […]

5 ways to become a morning person.

“Well why do I need to become a morning person? I hate the morning. I’m a zombie in the morning.” Does the cartoon dude above resemble you in the morning? A common theme of this blog is to help businesses and individuals achieve success through many and any means possible. Because talking only about tax […]

One thing we (young professionals) should Do.

So you’re young and you’re a professional. Maybe you just graduated college. Maybe you’re a few years out like me. All of our lives, and especially in college and the early years of our careers we hear the cliché phrase probably every day. “It is not what you know, but who you know.” More and […]