In loving memory of James P. Lavin

The LAVIN FAMILY extends its heartfelt gratitude to all of our clients, friends and neighbors for their unwavering support during this extremely difficult time. Jay lived in Franklin Square, Long Island and is survived by his wife Denise, his sons, Ryan and Eric, and his daughter, Kimberly. Jay was one of the founding partners of […]

Blizzard? No worries.

Blizzard? No worries. What you will have to worry about is shoveling your car out of the mountain of snow its under. De-icing your sidewalks so you and your fellow citizens don’t go down hard onto the concrete. Taxes? Taxes don’t have to be a worry anymore during the treacherous weather of the winter months. […]

A Hungry and Foolish path. The life of Steve Jobs.

We always try to discuss matters that inspire and inform on this blog. Take this man. Steve Jobs. He didn’t do much. He only changed the world with technology, convenience, and design. The founder of Apple had a notorious path well documented with grooves, potholes and blown up bridges reminiscent of that of the True […]