4 ways to deal with a financial face plant.

We have all had it happen to us. A financial setback. Get fired from our job. Need a $10,000 surgery. Business sales are down huge because of bad Google reviews. Whatever it is, there are good ways to deal with a financial setback that could leave you even better off than you were before. Use […]

Why your comfort zone is dangerous.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last wrote for this blog. We apologize. We won’t make an excuse. Because excuses stink. Everyone wants to be comfortable. It’s a basic human desire. We fight to attain comfort. We certainly prefer comfort over discomfort. Tempurpedic vs a bed of nails. 74 degrees in air conditioning or […]

15 ways to beat procrastination.

Procrastination. It’s a killer. Why? Because putting things off can lead to a finding yourself in a hole. A hole too big to climb out of. But it’s hard not to be a culprit of putting things off. Very hard. I mean how do you convince yourself to actually conquer the task thats causing your […]

7 ways to financial security.

Do you wish you felt more financially secure? Maybe I should ask the question.. Who doesn’t? I’d like to feel as if my finances were locked in one of those giant vaults with a moat of hungry crocodiles swimming around it. Maybe what we really mean is financial freedom. Know that it is definitely not easy […]