4 ways to deal with a financial face plant.

We have all had it happen to us. A financial setback. Get fired from our job. Need a $10,000 surgery. Business sales are down huge because of bad Google reviews. Whatever it is, there are good ways to deal with a financial setback that could leave you even better off than you were before. Use […]

7 ways to financial security.

Do you wish you felt more financially secure? Maybe I should ask the question.. Who doesn’t? I’d like to feel as if my finances were locked in one of those giant vaults with a moat of hungry crocodiles swimming around it. Maybe what we really mean is financial freedom. Know that it is definitely not easy […]

Burdensome College Tuition and How to Deal.

So some of you college folk are likely gearing up for midterms in the coming weeks which got us thinking. You sure do pay a lot of money for those midterms. And those professors. And those books. And those itty bitty college dorm rooms. Now, I don’t think there are many people on this planet […]

Why you should FALL back to saving.

Summer time. A lovely time of hot weather, beaches, vacations to paradise, nights out on the strip, and shopping in town while it’s still light out at 9pm. Oh yeah, it’s also a time that we human beings tend to overspend. Yep, the monthly budgets of June, July and August seem to get thrown out […]