Dennis Lavin

In loving memory of James P. Lavin

The LAVIN FAMILY extends its heartfelt gratitude to all of our clients, friends and neighbors for their unwavering support during this extremely difficult time. Jay lived in Franklin Square, Long Island and is survived by his wife Denise, his sons, Ryan and Eric, and his daughter, Kimberly. Jay was one of the founding partners of […]

4 ways to deal with a financial face plant.

We have all had it happen to us. A financial setback. Get fired from our job. Need a $10,000 surgery. Business sales are down huge because of bad Google reviews. Whatever it is, there are good ways to deal with a financial setback that could leave you even better off than you were before. Use […]

Why your comfort zone is dangerous.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve last wrote for this blog. We apologize. We won’t make an excuse. Because excuses stink. Everyone wants to be comfortable. It’s a basic human desire. We fight to attain comfort. We certainly prefer comfort over discomfort. Tempurpedic vs a bed of nails. 74 degrees in air conditioning or […]