About L&A..

Lavin & Associates, a New York City and Palm Beach CPA firm, provides professional tax and financial services to clients in the Greater New York City Area and South Florida. Since the firm’s founding over 25 years ago, it has provided clients with professional and expert tax, accounting, and financial services. L&A was founded by Dennis Lavin, a Bronx Native with 35+ years of combined experience working for major corporations including General Foods, Phillip Morris, and May Department Stores as auditors, accountants and financial analysts.

Our Specialty..

Our specialty is anything and everything as it relates to tax and accounting. We are advisors to guide you through the 72000+ pages of the US tax code. We are a team of meticulous surgeons of tax. We are explorers of every possibility, every avenue and every tax strategy to ensure the best results while maintaining compliance. We are business consultants offering new financial strategies and financial reporting. We are an authority on business valuation. We are detectives of forensic accounting. We are advisors that assist you to find the hundred or thousands being left on the table with Do-It-Yourself software. We are a family owned business that sees you (the client) as a member of our family and not a number on a computer screen. We are protectors from tax nightmares. We are cleaners of tax messes. You get the point.

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Our History..

25 years ago, a restaurateur and bar owner and long time friend growing up from their Bronx neighborhood approached 3 Lavin Brothers for help. He was smack in the middle of a tax nightmare and feared for his business, his home, his family and his freedom. The 3 brothers worked together to clean up this huge tax mess and helped him get back to business. Lavin & Associates was born. Since then, L&A has helped thousands of clients in similar situations. We have erased millions of dollars in tax liabilities, penalties and interest. L&A has also become a tax nightmare prevention team. Our team of tax wizards and CPAs consistently produce the best results possible. What makes us truly different from other firms? Clients are not numbers in a database to us. We have likely shared stories, laughs, and coffees with most of the people that walk through our door.


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