How clutter in your home becomes a tax deduction.

How clutter in your home becomes a tax deduction.

Many of us are culprits. We buy toys and shoes and kitchen appliances and coats and clothes and so much STUFF! But eventually that STUFF becomes such an abundance and begins to overwhelm our condo or our house. The STUFF we could built a fortress with. STUFF becomes what I like to call clutter. Well it’s not just me that calls it clutter. You get the point.

Now let’s face it. Clutter stinks. But getting rid of this so-called STUFF is super difficult. We hold on to STUFF especially the STUFF with a certain sentimental value and things we hold dear. I recently moved and throwing some STUFF away and donating some STUFF was so difficult. I’d hold it in my hands and stare at it for minutes, then get teary eyed thinking about not having it anymore and then realizing it’s a tangled slinky I haven’t seen in 16 years.

I have a rule though. If I haven’t worn it in six months, if I haven’t used it in six months or if I haven’t seen it in six months it should be either A.) Donated or B.) Thrown in the garbanzo. Of course with every rule comes exceptions but for the most part this is what i try to live by.

I always try to donate things though and it’s not for a tax deduction. It’s because a lot of these organizations really do great work and can use all the help they can get. I realize there are so many people less fortunate than I am. Hell I am super fortunate and I thank all the higher powers we all pray to for my blessings. So many benefits come from this act of good will. A gentlemen who needs a coat may get one. A child who needs a toy may get one. It may be cliche to say but every little bit really does help.

The non cash tax deduction can be a real help with your tax liability as well. Some people donate so much every year it adds up to $1000s in tax deductions. Make sure to get receipts from whatever organization you choose to give to and keep them for your records. So maybe now you can stop tripping over the wall of shoes and sneakers you’ve collected over the last 35 years!

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