Why you should watch The Profit on CNBC.

Why you should watch The Profit on CNBC.

Because I said so. That’s why.

Marcus Lemonis is the star of the Profit. He is a self-made Billionaire, a CEO of Camping World, an expert of investment in People, Process, and Product and the list goes on and on.

He has a very entertaining show that airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on CNBC (the business channel). For any of you that 10pm might be past your bedtime, set the ol’ DVR.

The two main reasons you should watch the Profit on CNBC are:

1. You will learn about successful ways of doing business. Sounds boring right? But it’s not. I myself am completely hooked. I get my reality tv fix just by watching the Profit. Marcus is a master of many things business. Essentially, he goes into failing businesses and fixes them. He also goes in to businesses that are doing well but desire to grow and helps them reach a new level. He does this by investing in the business and becoming a partner and then fixing areas of the business that are in need of mending. In other instances, he chooses not to invest because the People, Process, and Product may be too broken to fix. But you can certainly learn a thing or two about any aspect of business from this gentleman all while being entertained.

2. You will learn about what not to do in business. You will see firsthand some common mistakes that are made throughout the small to medium sized business world as well as some extremely outlandish mistake that you wouldn’t think a toddler would make. For example, one business was a fish store that made its employees lay money out of their own pocket to purchase the fish every morning. What?! Meanwhile one of the owners was driving a BMW and the other owner had a beautiful boat docked in a marina. Hysterical. Another business was a toy company that made a bunch of toys that no child would ever like or be entertained by.

The Profit is not just for business owners or entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a show for employees as well. Although, I do think Marcus Lemonis could inspire you to walk the yellow brick road to the entrepreneurial spirit. Check it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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