Why you should get the amazing app Scanner Pro and go Paperless.

Why you should get the amazing app Scanner Pro and go Paperless.

Paperless. What an amazing concept. Why? First of all, we save the eucalyptus, aspen, birch, spruce, pine, fir, larch and hemlock. You’ve seen that scene in Lord of the Rings where the trees begin to fight back. We wouldn’t want that to happen would we? Yeah that would probably not be pretty. Second of all, you achieve a new level of organization. Where’s that receipt from Office Depot from the purchase of our two new computers? Where’s that tax document? Where’s that bank statement? Oh yeah, I scanned it into Evernote. Oh yeah, I uploaded it to my online account on the L&A website already (coming soon). Oh yeah, I stored that in the folder with the rest of my bank statements in Google Drive. Third of all, we reach a new level of efficiency. Ask any business who went paperless if they regret the decision. See how many say Yes. I guarantee most will say it was one of the smartest things they ever did as a business. This doesn’t just apply to business. I personally despise paper. I now scan and throw everything away or recycle better yet. Now ask me. Go ahead ask me. Would I ever go back to paper? HECK NO!

That’s expensive, no?
But d2, I don’t want to go out and spend money on a scanner. It’s another piece of technology I will have to learn how to use, and set up and it’s annoying and I don’t want to do it. Well what if I told you, you could have a scanner for $2.99, it fit’s in your pocket, and it’s incredibly easy to use. That’s right. It’s called Scanner Pro by Readdle and it’s an app available in the App Store. I have it on my iPhone and iPad and it’s pretty incredible. You can scan any documents, receipts, business cards etc right on your phone or tablet. Then right from the app, you can send the scanned item to someone via an email, push it to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, a online account on a website etc. as a PDF. It’s really incredible.

Still not enough. What else ya got?
As L&A moves to paperless, we will encourage and incentivize our client family to follow suit. Clients will soon be able to do their taxes with L&A without ever leaving their living room. Meetings via video conference. Communication via email. Documents uploaded to our Cloud based system. This is the way of the future and we want to and need to embrace it. Now. Think of the countless hours you will save every year on commuting, parking, and getting your stuff together. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time watching your son’s soccer game? Or catching the latest episode of Gotham, the new series on Fox about Batman premiering tonight that I’m definitely watching? Think of the countless dollars you will save on gas and parking and time off from work to deal with your taxes. Think of the injury you avoid slipping on ice on the sidewalk walking to your car to come to L&A Headquarters during the brutal months of winter. Yeah. Exactly. Sip the hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a blanket, scan your documents with Scanner Pro by Readdle, upload it to the L&A Cloud (again coming soon), and your done. If thats not enough, think of the discounts that may come your way saving you some bucks on your tax prep fees.

I know technology is scary to some but it’s always a good idea to embrace it and adopt it. Many times the reason these things become available is to solve a problem or to make life a little easier. The app Scanner Pro by Readdle is certainly a game changer in many aspects because it makes the paperless lifestyle and concept that much more accessible. We at L&A encourage anyone and everyone to download Scanner Pro and go paperless. We will be posting more articles on the topic of going paperless in the near future so stay tuned. Because life is better without the worry of paper! d2 signing off.

PS Here’s the link to iTunes to download the app Scanner Pro by Readdle:


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