3 tricks to get a raise.

3 tricks to get a raise.

Who doesn’t want more money? I know I sure do. Damn right i deserve it too. That rhymed. I was not trying to write poetry or a rap song there but it happened. There comes a point in everyone’s career where it may be time for a raise. How else are you going to pay for that new fishing boat or baby Janey’s Ivy League tuition? So are you ready? Ok. Now tomorrow morning go in to your boss’s office, slam both of your fists down on his or her desk as hard as you can and scream “GIVE ME A RAISE!!” Pause for a few seconds. Then with a growling tone say “Now.”

All joking aside Here are 3 ways to get a raise:

1. Ask not, “what’s in it for me?” The “what’s in it for me” mentality is not really beneficial to anyone; you or the company you work for.  If anything it is a hinderance on accomplishing a goal or completing a task. I often say to myself, “what can I personally do to make this firm/business better?” Many times enlightenment comes to me with this particular mindset. My efforts are almost always appreciated and with this newfound appreciation often comes a nice little boost to the ol’ paycheck. So think in the way of how can I help my company to succeed and think less about how can I help myself to succeed. The boss should feel like your asking him or her questions like “What can I do to make your life easier?” This is a sure path to recognition and appreciation. Ultimately, it builds a foundation and serves as a pillar to your raise.

2. Research, load your ammo and just ask. That’s right. You are much more likely to get a raise by simply asking for one. Mind. Blown. But before asking be sure to do your research. Use sites like Salary.com to see where you stand relative to your title and location. Research what others are being paid for a similar gig. Use Department of Labor statistics. Try to determine what others at your particular company are being paid. Understand your employer’s bottom line and know that your company’s financial situation can afford your raise. Keep a spreadsheet or a journal of accomplishments such as increases in revenue etc. Educated and ammo loaded, proceed with requesting your raise. If your request is denied a proper response would be “Ok. Is it alright if we approach this topic again within the next few months?” Don’t quit without good reason. If you have an offer letter from another company offering you more money, inform your current employer to determine if a match is possible.

3. Have good timing. Maybe you just crushed it on a particular project. Maybe you singlehandedly grew your company exponentially. Maybe you found thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in wasteful spending and were able to dramatically cut costs. Maybe you introduced new technologies that streamlined procedures and added new efficiencies. Well right after your superhero moment would be a good time to ask for a raise. Ask while your rockstar accomplishment is still fresh in the bosses’ mind. By doing this, you increase the likelihood of a positive response to your raise request.

So here is a nice blueprint to work with when devising a strategy to get a raise. I can’t emphasize our initial tip enough. Going above and beyond what’s expected of you to make your company better will eventually trickle down to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean stay in the office until 2am destroying your soul slowly. It means work smarter, not harder. By simply adopting this new mindset, much positive will come from it. Use these 3 ways to get a raise and get what’s coming to you. Thanks for reading folks. Until next time. d2 signing off.

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